Most 5 expensive food in the world

The $25,000 Taco - from cnbc
Most expensive food in the world
The $25,000 Taco - from cnbc

We tend to think of food as getting more expensive in this world. When you go to the supermarket and see the prices of meat and produce, it seems like they get higher every year. This must make you wonder what the most expensive food in the world is.

After all, the main factor which influences the price of food is how that food was grown or made. When you compare the price of organic vegetables to the price of standard vegetables, the organic is always more expensive. The reason is that organic takes more time, energy, and resources to grow. Therefore, these factors result in a higher price for that food after it’s harvested.

However, there are actually foods in this world which cost as much as cars and small houses. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for one taco or hamburger. Most of us would never dream of paying this amount of money for any meal. But there are extremely rich people out there who don’t mind paying this amount to have the best food imaginable.

Let’s explore some of these foods.

1) The $25,000 Taco

What would you pay $25,000 for? A taco? Probably, not. However, if you go to the Grand Velas Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you can try the world’s most expensive taco for $25,000. It is made of black truffle brie cheese, Morita chili peppers, Kobe beef, langoustine, and Almas Beluga caviar.


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