Top 5 High Calorie Low Carb Foods

Healthy High Calorie Low Carb Foods
Healthy High Calorie Low Carb Foods

High calorie low carb foods can help you lose weight and have that lean body that everyone admires. If you want to lose weight, and control your food cravings and hunger, reducing carb intakes from the diet is one thing you must do. While you are reducing carb intakes, you have to ensure that you are getting sufficient amount of calories from your diet. This is why you should take high calorie low carb foods.

Compared to standard low-fat diets, low carb diets have been proven to cause up to 3 times more weight loss. Cutting cuts also comes with other health benefits like improving HDL the good cholesterol in your body, reducing triglyceride and improving general blood pressure.

Here are some of the healthiest high calorie low carbs foods for anyone who is watching his or her waistline and health.

1- Poultry and meat

Poultry and meat

All types of meat including beef, poultry, and lamb, except organ meats like liver that is about 5percent carb, have zero carb. Opt for lean options like lean beef cuts such as beef sirloin, and chicken breast.


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